Permanent Hand Feet Whitening Beauty Tips

 Hand & Feet Beauty Tips

Beautiful Hands Feet Whitening Beauty Tips

Hands Feet are the most prominent Features of our Body. So All one wants to get the Permanent Hand Feet Whitening. As the Skin White is an important factor for all ladies and much craze which has produced in all ladies. All ladies Try many beauty tips for the Face white or Hand & Feet. Now the Season of the wedding after the eid is started & all bridals will want to do their feet & hand White for which they try new & New tips. I advise You that You should try the Homemade remedy which is the most effective & Easy to use. Here I am Going To Share With You The Some Homemade Remedy for you Skin White of hand & feet.

Hand Feet Whitening Tips 


Barley Flour: 1 Tea Spoon
yogurt:1 Tea Spoon
Tomato Juice:1 Tea Spoon
Vitamin E Capsol: 1

How To Use:

Take A glass bowl to add one teaspoon Barley Flour in it & Ad the yogurt 1 Tea Spoon the mixed it well Now take the Helf piece of the Tomato then take its 1 Tea Spoon Tomato juice. If Your Skin is Dry then you can add the 1 Vitamin E Capsol and now ad all these Ingredients in a good manner then apply this Mixture at your hand & Feet and remain it as for 15 minutes after this You Wash You Hand By Doing Light Massage. You can apply this message 3 times in a week. You can apply this at You Neck Also. This is the Best for the Rough Skin.


Split Red Lentil: 1 Tea Spoon

Multani Muti:1 Tea Spoon

tomato Juice:1 Tea Spoon

Turmeric powder:1 Tea Spoon

yogurt:1 Tea Spoon

How To Use:

Take a Glass Bowl and mixed all these Things best make a mixture and apply this on your hand & Feet and remain it till 15 min. It’s all Ingredients will remove your darks sports of your feet & other darken areas will turn into whiting Tone After 15 minute Do massage of this because Split Red Lentil will remove the dead skin off your feet and make your Hands & Feet So Smooth & Shiny. You can apply these Tips Twice in a week.

So keep join us For more & Best Beauty Tips and if Have any question then leave a comment in the below comment BOX.

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