2019 Homemade Beauty Tips For Skin Whitening

Skin Care Beauty Tips For Face

In Our Today al Girls & Boys/Men & Women remain sad about their Skin Problem. Everyone Wants to have fair, Glowing Skin Whitening. For this Ther Remain ready to purchase Creams & Other Such Cosmetics thing whose result is quick but when they rejected them then their skin damage than before. But I want to advise you to stop the use of such creams & use natural things who have no bad effect. If You use them your skin will have the same Color tone & have a  long-lasting effect. For this Here IN This Article, We have Going To Share With You A Some Special Beauty Tips For Skin Whitening You Let Enjoy them & get glowing skin.

New & Easy Beauty Tips For Skin Whitening

Use Of Alum & Egg:

  •  Alum Powder 1 Teaspoon
  •  Egg Albumen  

How We Can Use It?

Take a 1 teaspoon of Alum powder and egg albumen of one egg in a Bowl. Then Mixed both of them till becoming like a foam. After this Apply this mixture on your hand & feet. After 10 min when it becomes like a half dry rub slowly and does this procedure within a few minutes. Use this Tip 3 time in a week and get Best Result in a one week.Hand & Feet Beauty Tips

Baking Soda & Lemon:

  • Baking Soda
  • Lemon

Use Of Baking Soda & Lemon:

Take a Baking Soda in Few Amount & Cut the lemon in two half pieces. Take Lemon Piece to soak Soda with it then Rub this Lemon Till 15 minutes You can use some Roze Water also as dip lemon in rose water and take some Soda with it then rub. Use This 2 time in a week. Within a few days, You hands & Feet will change in whiting tone. Beauty Tips

Sandal Powder & Alo Vera Jel:

  • Sandal Powder
  • Alo Vera Jel

Use Of Sandal Powder & Alo Vera Jel:

Take Sandal Powder in 3 Tea Spoon & mash the Alo vera Jel Mixed both of them .use This Onn you face this is the best mixture for your Frankel & Glowing Face skin. Apply this Mixture & Remain it as Within a 15 min then Rub this much slowly do this for 5 minutes then wash your Face do this Daily. Alovera is Best Sunscreen for your Skin tones.

Beauty Tips For Face



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