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Pakistan Independence Day Quotes, SMS & Wallpapers

 independence day wishes SMS

Pakistan Independence Day 14th August is the special day for all the muslims& Pakistani. On that that we get independence from British rule. All this has become possible due to the struggle of the Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. This day creates a new life in all Muslim’s passion and we all will sacrifice for our Holy land which we got after the great sacrifices of our Forefathers.

All Pakistani Celebrated this independence day with great Invigoration. Everyone wishes for this day to each other by sending SMS. Here I am sharing with you some 14th August Wishes SMS, Whatsup status wallpapers which you can free download here at this Page Let see the & Enjoy our Freedom day.

Happy Pakistan Independence Day Wishes Quotes, SMS & Wallpaper 

Pakistan Happy independence day


گلشن نظر اپنا یونھی آباد رہےگا
بد خواہ جو اس کا ہےوہ برباد رہے گا


ہے جرم اگر وطن کی مٹی سے محبت

یہ جرم سدا میرے حساب میں رہے گا

_____________________________Happy independence day whatsup Status

“Thousand  laid Down their lives

so that the country  is breathing this day

Never Forget these Sacrifices 

Happy Pakistan Independence Day”


“Freedom in the Mind, Faith in the Word, Pride in our Heart, And Memories in our Souls Kets Salute”

_____________________________Happy independence day Wishes Quotes

زلزلوں کی نہ دسترس ہوکبھی
اے وطن تیری استقامت تک
ہم پے گزریں ہزار قیامتیں
لیکن تو سلامت رہے قیامت تک


وطن ھمارا ایسا نہ چھوڑ پاےکوئی
رشتہ ھمارا ایسا نہ توڑ پائےکوئی
دل ھمارا ایک ہے ایک ہےھماری جان
پاکستان ہمارا ہے ہم سب کی ہے یہ شان

_____________________________Happy independence day14 August 2020

“This Flag of the Cresent & Star

lead the way of Progress & Prosperity”

Happy Independence Day


“May Our Country always Shine with glory & Horner

, A lots of Wishes on the Independence Day “

_____________________________14 August 2020 independence day

ہم اپنے دیس کی پہچان کو مٹنے نہیں دیں گے
یہاں اسلام کا پرچمکبھی جھکنےنہیں دیں گے


ابھی تک پاؤں سے چمٹی ہیں زنجیریں غلا می کی
دن آ جاتا ہےآزادی کا آزادی نہیں ٰآتی

_____________________________14 August 2020 Wishes hd Wallpaper

“Success is never permanent

failure is never Final

So do not stop effort

until your victory makes a history” “


“May the sun in his course visit

no land freer, happier, more lovely,

Than this our own country”


فرد قائم رابط ملت سے ہے تنہا کچھ
موج ہے دریا میں اور بیرون دریا کچھ بھی نہیں


دل سے نکلے گی نہ مر کر بھی وطن کی الفت
میری مٹی سے بھی خوشبوئے وفا آئے گی

_____________________________14 August 2020 hd Wallpaper

“Other might Have forgotten,

But never can I, The Flag Of my country Furls Very High,

Happy Independence Day.”


“No nation is Prefect, it needs to be made perfect

Happy Independence Day “


“celebrating with the message of freedom

and peace to the world. Happy independence day.

_____________________________happy independence day 2020

“Let us celebrate this Independence Day to all the Pakistani Leaders to give their lives to make Our Country Independence Happy Independence Days Regards, your Name Here.


“I feel so proud to be a part of this country As it has given me so fond memories and also a great friend like you. Happy Independence Day.”

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