Best Homemade Beauty Tips For Fair & Glowing Skin

Beauty Tips For Fair Skin

Beauty Tips For Fair & Glowing Skin

Summer Facial For Bright & Glowing Skin. This Is a Fecial Which Provide the Skin Brighten, Coll, Freshness & it will Make Your Skin Glowing And Remove the Skin Spots & Dead Skin and Make Your Skin Natural Skin. You Must Follow this Facial A time In a Week & Make Your Skin Texture Best. This Facial Includes the Natural Ingredient and its Process is Only 5 Minute


  • Tomato: 1/2 
  • Hot Water
  • Alo Vera Jel
  • Rice Flour

1) Cleansing:

First Do Cleansing With Tomato take the Half tomato and then Do cleansing of it with its Juice By Rubbing it On the skin Like that Cleansing for face

2) Steaming

After Doing Cleansing we Have to give the Steam at your Face as Take a Piece Of Cloth Dip it in Hot water Then Put This Piece Of Cloth at Your Face for 5 to 10 Second Like That and then After few second Put Off this Cloth & Wipe Your Face With this Piece of Cloth. With this remove the Dirt from all Your Face’s Open Posses

Taking Steam For Fairness

3) Scrubbing & Face Mask:

Now take the Alo Vera Jel Which is Very Useful for our Skin Tones. This Jel cleans our Skin, Remove Acne Marks, Remove The Pimple and clear your Damage & Dull Skin. Use For this Natural Alo Vera Jel. Now Take the Alo vera Jel 1 teaspoon & Put 1/2 Teaspoon of Rice Flour Mixed It Well and then Apply This On Your Face as Scrubbing & Face Mask

After Applying this Do Massage For 2 to 3 Minute With A soft Hands and Then Remain it as for 10 to 15 minutes. After that Wash Your Face. Then Wipe Face with the Simple & Clean Towel. By This Facial You will look So Difference In Your Skin that It will become Glowing. You can Also use This Mask (Alo vera Jel and Rice Flour Mixer On the other Part of Your Body Like Hand Feet Arm. By it Your Skin Dark Spots Will Be Remove. You can See The Other  Beauty Tips By Click Below

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